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  1. Jeevan says:

    I have been using HostingRaja Service since 2005. While there are several hosting providers out there, I always Hosting Raja. Their technical support is outstanding, and I have designed some pretty challenging websites for my own clients using HostingRaja without a hitch! I recommend Hosting Raja to everyone who utters the word ‘website’ or online business.

  2. Shivani Sharma says:

    Hosting Raja is Good Hosting and domain service provider, There hosting deals are amazing, as well as their support is very friendly, they always handle the queries efficiently, kindly and promptly.

  3. Innappsys Technologies says:

    I have been hosting my website with Hosting Raja from the past 8 months, I am satisfied with their support so far as their representatives
    have always helped me whenever I contacted regarding my queries or website problem. I have purchased an unlimited hosting plan fromn them
    and so far my website never had any dowm time issue, once I faced a slow speed issue with my website and when I conatcted them fixed it within 15 minutes
    and after fixing it one of their representatives called me and asked for the confirmation if the problem is fixed.
    I can surely say there is no other web hosting provider atleast in India with such a good support at very reasonable hosting price.

  4. Jackson says:

    I have purchased VPS hosting plan from Hosting Raja, so far I am satisfied with their hosting services its been 2 years now. My website has never faced any major downtime issue or slow website speed. They are always giving excellent tech support all the time which helps me to contact them whenever I want.

  5. Shobhit Gupta says:

    I am a pro developer and reseller using Hosting Raja for several months. I am writing this review to help you decide what is best for you. This is not a personal attack or favor on hosting raja, its simple based on experience I had with them. Here is my experience of various services they provided to me:

    UPDATE April 2016: Hostingraja.in is a bunch of cheaters and misleading people who just know how to loot . They never solved technical issues and kept websites non-working . They sent emails that my reseller account DUE DATE is 21st April but suspended my account on 20th Midnight because of which I could not download my websites. Even their chat person said I could take backup till 21st evening but they are just misleaders. Now, they are demanding Rs. 1000 per website backup and refusing to activate my account temporarily. In India, companies and even Electricity, Water, Mobile bills take action after due date but these looters are just weird. I am planning to put up a court case against them in consumer court. I recommend everyone to stay away from them adn look for some company who is really trustable. I donot work with Quick2Host right now but still they are so good and supportive that I am planning to rejoin them for some services.

    Also they closed affiliate account without any prior information in which I had an earning of around 500 Rs.


    Domain: They provide attractive deals along with the affiliate bonus option which makes them a cheap and attractive choice for domain purchasing.(5 Stars).

    Hosting: They provide attractive hosting deals and resources which again makes them a very cheap and attractive choice in Web hosting.(4 Stars).

    Server Speed: The websites provide a better loading speed in comparison to my provider.(3 Stars)

    Uptime: Servers are running really good and take a break for max 4-5 minutes, and that too after long intervals but still there is room for betterment. The frequency of downtimes should be reduced.(3 Stars)

    Sales Support: Their sales support is good. As far as you are looking to purchase something or you are doing a payment, they are good.(3 Stars).

    Email Management: This is where I found this company really lacking in. They said that they are providing high quality email service free with their hosting and they also say it is the same Email service they provide as a separate Business Email service too. Convinced with it, I moved all the client websites to their server and created some email accounts for them, even for my own business website and Bannggggg: The dreams of Hosting raja being high quality service provider got shattered. I found their email service to be highly unstable and useless. Inbox not getting emails. Junk Folder not getting emails. Junk folder not getting opened etc. etc. Even their team was not able to resolve the issues in working days and just kept on giving excuses. Worst of all, they send email from their mail ids, emails reached and they claim the issues resolved like they are my prospective clients and will purchase services from me. Truly Disappointed. This forces me to purchase server from another company and move websites their because website is nothing without business email.(0 Stars).

    Database Management: This comes to a cheating now. An autoincrement column in my database is jumping to 1000 instead of 1 whenever their is a failover/server restart and they tell me to rectify my code. Their tech team is such foolish that hey think I can send value to an autoincrement column from my c# code. I mean what is “Auto” in the “autoincrement” if I am sending the value from the coding and making a coding mistake? Totally insensible. To add up, they say if the 1000 jumps will make the database column to take up more space due to bigger values, then I should purchase a VPS immediately.Instead of resolving a issue, they want me to invest more and pay them. Thats cheating.(0 Stars)

    Live Chat support: Really terrible. They come into chat whenever they want and they run out of the chat by leaving conversation whenever they want. Another agent may or my not join another session, and bye chance if they do, you will need to repeat the whole story again and again new agent leaves and another new comes in and this goes frustrating.(1 Star).

    Technical Support: Now this really counts negative stars for them. They really dont know about technical. What they can do is just click on some buttons in their panels and resolve minor issues like DNS settings, Hosting settings, etc. When your website really needs a technical support, they raise their hands. Worst of all, to every message you add in ticket, their reply will be that your Issue has been resolved without asking you whether it has been resolved or not. My Email related ticket has 60+ messages in 5 days, Email related ticket has 24 Posts and a Domain settings took 5 days with 30+ Posts. Email and Database issues still unresolved. So, when there are technical issues, they dont know how to help. They just keep on putting false claims that issue has been resolved without even asking from you about it. Its only you who has to rush after them. Weird.(1 Star).

    Bottom Line: If you are a newbie and need only small static website to be uploaded, then HostingRaja is your best bet. If you are going to do business and need technical consistencies, then better opt for someone else.

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